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About Us

Our Business Philosophy

Responsive Legal Advice and Assistance.

Our firm has outstanding legal experience and expertise, providing an important building block of an outstanding legal practice. For a firm to serve its clients most effectively, it must develop a thorough understanding of each client’s needs and particular legal situation. We are proud that our legal practice has been able to achieve this standard. We are certain that you will find our firm’s excellence is based on careful listening to the client and thoughtful analysis of the client’s situation, combined with using our experience to determine important questions and issues that were not asked by the client. This firm philosophy enhances our ability to develop legal work specifically tailored to the client’s legal needs and particular situation.


Our experience has shown us that each client is unique in important ways. Even though clients come to us for legal assistance in our specific areas of practice, our first task is to meet with the client in person, and to understand what they are doing, what outcomes they would like, and the laws applicable to the client’s particular situation.

Answering the Questions Not Asked.

The focus on listening to the client helps us discern and consider important matters are the total legal situation the client faces. That understanding, in turn, provides our firm with a basis to consider additional concerns that are unknown to the client, but are of great importance. This is what we mean by “answering the question not asked” by the client.

Unique Solutions Tailored to Client’s Needs.

We have found that our practice philosophy affords us the greatest ability to develop unique and specifically tailored legal answers and assistance for the client. By emphasizing this clear focus on the client, our firm is able to work seamlessly with the client, and the client’s staff, making sure that all members of the organization are clear about laws and regulations that apply to their activities, and what must be done to correctly adhere to the law and meet the particular legal needs of the client and the client’s full compliance with these laws and regulations.